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Christmas Mincepies by e-Sidera
Christmas Mincepies
I adore mincepies. I've always had something with British things. Three years ago, halfway in December I went to London for a few days to meet the laboratory where I would have a 6-month internship later that year and we were going Christmas shopping and visiting musea. As an added bonus, I was there during the London premiere of the first Hobbit movie, where I had an awesome view next to the red carpet and actually obtained the autograph of several actors. It was amazing!

I knew I wanted to make mincepies to take with us. I baked a batch, and they keep very well, so we could enjoy them for several days! They were smushed down in our bags together with a lot of stuff and they still didn't fall apart. They're perfect to eat during long days in the cold! I make them every year now. I already have this year's batch of mincemeat in the fridge and tomorrow I'll be making the pies! (and preparing my 5 course Christmas dinner). They are best when you make the mincemeat in advance, several weeks if you want, so the flavours can mix well.

:bulletred: This is the recipe I've been using from the beginning and I adore it. I always make the mincemeat a little differently, depending on what kind of dried fruits I have at hand and whatever I feel like the moment I'm making it. Just throw in whatever and it's perfect!


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Christmas Panna Cotta by e-Sidera
Christmas Panna Cotta
This was the dessert of a Christmas dinner I hosted a few years ago. I wanted something not too heavy, so I chose panna cotta! With a fireworks star for the festive effect :aww: This year I'm also hosting a Christmas dinner for my family and after a long time deciding on what to make, I'm again going for panna cotta, though this time it will be a bit different :) (different flavours, thinking about Amaretto and coffee flavour with cookie crumb for added texture)

This panna cotta:

:bulletgreen: First a layer of chocolate panna cotta
:bulletred: Chocolate ganache
:bulletgreen: A cinnamon-flavoured Christmas-tree shaped panna cotta
:bulletred: Whipped cream and a variety of berries
:bulletgreen: Star fireworks!

Merry Cristmas everybody!


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Berry Bavarois Heart by e-Sidera
Berry Bavarois Heart
I adore cheesecake-like cakes, and my all time favourite is my tiramisu cake. Those are rather heavy though and you can't eat big pieces. Because of mascarpone cheese, they are also very fatty and calorie- rich (hmm, I don't have pretty pictures of tiramisu cakes, I'll have to change that). And bavarois cakes are the perfect counter! They are much lighter and fluffier and I can eat a second piece without feeling fat and bloated.

I love making (non-bake) cheesecakes that have to sit in the fridge for a night before they are set. They're quick to make and because the sponge/cake layer is thin, they don't need a lot of oven time, and while it is in the oven, you can make the cream part. Usually these cakes will be most delicious after 2 days, when the flavours have mixed. It's my guilty pleasure to eat this for breakfast, but really, you could wake me up during the night or bother me anytime at day for a slice.

:bulletred: Sponge layer drenched in a little bit of amaretto, because I love amaretto and put it in 50% of my bakes
:bulletpink: Bavarois layer with mixed berries
:bulletred: Decoration of cream and berries

I most often use frozen berries, because fresh one are very expensive when they're not in season. They might not look as nice for decoration purposes, but I don't really mind. They taste good! I don't use "white" sugar in any of my bakes. I always use a combination of brown cane sugar, honey and/or agave or rice syrup. It's healthier and tastier too, in my opinion :)


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Stoofpeertjes Cake: A Dutch classic with a twist by e-Sidera
Stoofpeertjes Cake: A Dutch classic with a twist
I've searched for the translation for "stoofpeertjes", but as it turns out, it's Dutch and it doesn't really translate directly, though stewed pears comes closest. I love stoofpeertjes and to me it embodies fall and Christmas. As the leaves are starting to fall down, I get a craving for these again!

Stoofpeertjes are really easy to make.

:bulletred: Take Gieser Wildemans pears and peel them. I don't know if those pears are available around the globe... I guess other pears will do, but the flavour might be different
:bulletorange: Put them in a pan and cover them with red wine or port and water. The proportion between these is to taste.
:bulletyellow: Add brown sugar (again, to taste)
:bulletorange: Add two sticks of cinnamon and optional, to taste: allspice, cloves and nutmeg
:bulletred: Add lemon peel if you love lemons
:bulletorange: Stew for about an hour, on low heat
:bulletyellow: Remove the pears from the pan and turn the heat high. Thicken the sauce with cornstarch, turn off the heat and re-add the pears
:bulletred: They are lovely as a side with beef (served hot), but just as nice cold in a dessert with yogurt or ice cream
:bulletorange: For this cake, I cut some leftover stoofpeertjes in cubes and added it to my favourite cake recipe.


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Honour-sworn by e-Sidera
Dragonborn, Dragonborn, by her honour is sworn,
To keep evil forever at bay!
And the fiercest foes rout when they hear triumph's shout,
Dragonborn, for your blessing we pray!

~ Translatation of Song of the Dragonborn


I love Skyrim. I'm the biggest Elder Scrolls fan ever since my father gave me his copy of Morrowind, many years ago. I know way too much about the history and all, but you have to fangirl about something, right? So, when I decided I wanted to have a go at making armor it wasn't hard to take a pick: the Elder Scrolls! I love the iron helmet and the banded iron armor in general, it's so much more Nord-feeling than the (more badass, no doubt) ebony or deadric versions. So, I bought foam, worbla, gesso, sandpaper and paint and had a go!

As this is the first time I ever made something with worbla, I'm really happy with it! I know things I wish I'd change, but you have to practise in order to master a skill. And currently, I'm hardly at journeyman level! I adored walking around in this, yet even that needs practise. I'm used to walking around in pretty dresses with hoop skirts and corsets, and I'm used to posing in a cutesy way for pictures. It was a bit awkward for me to suddenly be badass, but again, that also needs practise. It was amazing to be high-fived by lots of dudes and talk randomly about the Elder Scrolls.

Two days before Castlefest, where this picture was taken, I decided I really did want a weapon. I'm planning on making Dawnbreaker with LED light and everything, but that certainly takes more than 2 days. So, I planned on making a steel axe. I love the design on this axe and thought it was do-able in two days. It was, but I couldn't smooth it out as much as I'd like because that takes days of applying gesso, letting it dry, sanding and repeat. But for my first ever weapon, I love it! I'm currently making Miraak for my boyfriend and it'll be kickass when we're finished!

It was very nice to be able to use my own hair for once. By the time of this picture, I had taken off the hip pieces because they were damaged. I miraculously lost two of the spikes and the paint was scratched. They're down for repair. I was also extremely tired by the time this picture was taken. It was like 9-ish in the evening and we had to wait ages for the bus (I believe it was 45 minutes, when they were supposed to go every 15 minutes). I hope that by the next event, I'll have a car so I won't have to rely on public transport anymore!


:bulletred: Foam and Worbla with Apoxy Sculpt for detailing for the armor pieces
:bulletred: Paper clay for the horns
:bulletred: Epoxy coating for the helmet
:bulletred: Fake fur and fake suede for the clothing bits
:bulletred: Bleach and watered down acrylics for weathering (though the fur could do with loads more, as it hardly shows up on pictures)
:bulletred: A broomstick for the axe handle, cardboard, foam and worbla for the axehead, apoxy sculpt for detailing and leather as wrap.
:bulletred: A rotary tool for all-over detailing


:bulletred: Crafting & model: me
:bulletred: Photo by Bart Treuren:

Better view of armor


Please do not publish or anything alike without permission


Hello there! I am e-Sidera, also known as Esther. I study biology (cells!), but I have a lot of other hobbies beside that. I love to make costumes such as puffy dresses and I have a love for the Japanese look of white painted skin, black hair and red lips.

I might be a little crazy, sometimes a little obnoxious, but I find it important to stay polite to people. I despise cussing and I love to have a reason to bake a pie for somebody.

I wear glasses and my hair is a different colour every few months. You will never see me in a pants, unless for a reason. I love skirts and dresses and wish to have a closet full of 50's clothes.

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