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September 10, 2010
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Love goes through the stomach by e-Sidera Love goes through the stomach by e-Sidera
Or at least, that's a Dutch expression. I don't know if you know it in English, but it will have to do :P
So. Pies is something else than dresses, but it is also a passion of me to bake (and cook). Here are some of the pies I have made so far and liked most. Iím still sad I havenít made pictures of some other pies, but I canít turn back time! (I once made an epic pie for my nephewís 18th birthday, with instead of 18, 10010, and I really liked that one!) The pies/cakes are not in any order :P


1. Schwartzwalder kirsch torte, with chocolate on top and a few decorative marzipan roses

2. Cake made for my biology-friends on Valentine's day. It's actually a red velvet cake, decorated with marshmellow fondant, since I cannot make "real" fondant

3. Cake baked for my mother. She is allergic to sugar (candida, not diabetes). It's a mocha pie with strawberries

4. Tropical fruit cake. There is coconut milk inside the batter, there's a layer of lemon cream and on top different fruits. Decorated with whipped cream and coconut shavings

5. Pie for my motherís 52th birthday, decorated with MMF and marzipan (I made pie #3 for her, so this one is with sugar) The orange marzipan was supposed to be yellow, but somehow it turned out like this

6. Pie I baked for my birthday with my biology-friends. Three of us had our birthday in November, so we celebrated it together. I'm the left one, and the right one is my friend Maritza :iconanainmaritza: We had a thing with making ourselves into Power Puffs Girls, or the Memepuffs as we liked to call them, so I had to add those to the cake

7. Kind of ugly angel's food cake, since I do not have the right pan. But it was delicious! Decorated with banana and tangerine

8. My pride! A white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry and a caramel/amaretto top. The top was like a mirror, so you can see the sky outside XD This cake was delicious, trust me. I want to make it again!

9. I think my all-time favourite pie is an apple pie. But mostly they don't look so interesting, so they're not here. But these were two small heart-shaped ones, so I added these for my love of apple pies.

10. No, this pie is not for humans to eat! I made this for my uncle's birthday. He loves birds, so I made a "cake" for them. It's actually bread, frosted in peanut butter and nuts. Bird shaped of a feeding ball, bird's nest made of peanut butter and peanuts. He loved it! :aww:

11. Also a red velvet cake, decorated with cream cheese frosting and strawberries

12. Again, sugarfree cheesecake with forest fruits on top. This was my sister's 23th birthday cake (seh's also allergic to sugar)

13. When I baked cake cake 6 for my university friends, I baked this cake for my old high-school and elementary school friends. So this time it's just me :) It's star-shaped and is a "speculaas" (dutch spiced cookie) pie

14. I had some space left, so here are some of the cupcakes I decorated


I didn't know where to put this in. Desserts or food art? Perhaps some pies in the first, and others in the last :P Why don't they just have a "pie/cake" section?
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Snowflaky Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
the way to a mans heart is through his stomach = dat is het gezegde in het Engels;-)
(heb ik ook niet van mezelf, maar van een insider;-))

geweldige collage van je lekkere taarten:clap:
mijn fave uiteraard:nod:
als ik er eentje uit moet pikken kies is direct voor nr 12, maar ALLES ziet er gewoon geweldig uit:icondroolplz:

enne...heel goed dat je dit hebt gesibmit;-)
e-Sidera Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010
Nu je het zegt, die gezegde komt me wel bekend voor :) Hoe dan ook was die te lang om als titel te kunnen gebruiken, dus dan maar dit alternatief!

Ik kan ik elk geval zeggen dat je leuke reacties krijgt als je eten submit :D Als ik weer nieuwe taarten ga bakken, ga ik ze misschien ook wel uploaden (niet vergeten foto's te maken, natuurlijk!)

(na 8 denk ik dat 12 mijn favo was, ik houd gewoon van cheesecakes)
Snowflaky Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010
goed gedaan hoor met dat gezegde:woohoo:
en blijf vooral bakken;-)
OmNomNomNomNomNomm Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010
WOW! You are very creative. :meow: Were they all as delicious as they look?
e-Sidera Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
Thanks!! I don't know how delicious they look, but I can tell every one of them was really tasty! :D
Mommy-Silver Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Je hebt hierbij een officiele waarschuwing gekregen: dit ziet er te lekker uit, en mag vooral niet getoond worden als iemand nog moet eten... *rammelend maagje*
e-Sidera Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
Aww, ik weet hoe je je voelt :P Het was ook erg de foto's uit te moeten zoeken XD
Mommy-Silver Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
*huilt dramatisch* you meanie... arme ikke zo laten lijden in honger en smachten naar zulk lekkers... hoe durf je :shakefish:
Icedrop21 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
2, 6 and 14 were delicious! And if I'm correct I ate a larger version of cake number 9 as well? That was delicious too!
If you are going to make cake 8 again: ME WANTS TOO!!! And you know I'm coming to get it if you don't give it voluntarily ;P
e-Sidera Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010
Thanks :D You ate a lot of versions of cake 9, I know you did! I make too many apple pies, really... I shall make #9 again, but I can't take it along so well. So indeed, you have to eat it once at my house, or not to long after I get to university, as it will melt otherwise.
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